Super Food

Our philosophy

“As the saying goes … “if You don’t eat the right food today, You will have to eat the right medicines as your food tomorrow”. Here at Dr.Chef, we firmly believe in offering perfectly blended, well balanced and yet Deliciously Refreshing Beverages by sourcing quality ingredients. Not to mention, the care which is the No 1 ingredient in every product we make, after all, we put our heart into the well-being

  • Dr.Chef Quinoa plant based products

    Plant Based Extract

    Quinoa is one of the world most popular health foods and considered one of super food. All our products are made from plant based product Quinoa extract

  • Dr.Chef Quinoa products ingredients

    Real Ingridients

    Dr Chef makes every product with the best real ingredients, like Quinoa, Chia, Faba, Peas, Lupin Almonds, Chocolate, fresh vegetables, Honey, Berries.

  • Dr.Chef Quinoa Products Flavours

    Real flavors

    Real flavors are added for takin positive mood to the next level. Dr.Chef products comes in exciting flavors of Chocolate, Coffee and with real Almonds and the Vanilla variant including saffron

While our Nutritionists Formulated A Complete Nourishment, Our Master Chefs Made Our Products Delliciously Refreshing.

These delicious tasting Ready-To-Drink products are Quinoa Based which contains ALL ESSENTIAL minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and phosphorus. Additionally, all these nutrients come with omega-3s and this delicious beverage is low in calories and free from Saturated Fats.

Dr.Chef Quinoa benefits

Why Dr chef ?

Dr chef is commited to help people to lead active and healthy life by formulating our Natural & Organic products, using Functional ingredients, enriched with Vegan Protein, Fibre, Vitamins & Minerals and equally tasting Delicious.

Dr.Chef Quinoa Products are wholesome, Better-for-You plant based beverage with complete nutrition and Protein from Quinoa, Chia, Faba, Peas, Lupin & Almonds which has all the 9 essential Amino Acids that your body does not produce, and yet requires to build and nourish your tissues, bones, skin & blood.



Very Nutritious

Dr Chef is made from Super Foods Quinoa and other ingredients those considered best among health-conscious people. It’s loaded with many important nutrients.

Dr.Chef Quinoa Nutrition

Very High in Protein, With All the Essential Amino Acids

Protein is an integral part of bones and it also improves calcium absorption. It’s also important for maintaining muscle strength with aging, which in turn helps to support healthy bones. Dr.Chef Quinoa Products are enriched with the plant based Protein from Quinoa, Faba, Chia, Lupin and Almonds which help build your Muscles.

Dr.Chef Quinoa protien

Very High in Fiber, Much Higher Than Most Grains

Dr Chef products are high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

Dr.Chef Quinoa Fiber

Gluten-Free and Perfect for People With Gluten Intolerance

Dr Chef products are naturally gluten-free and can dramatically increase the nutrient and antioxidant value of your diet than other refined products from potato, corn and rice flour.

Dr.Chef Quinoa gluetn free

Very High in Antioxidants

Dr Chef Products contains high antioxidants provide many health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-depressant properties. which are substances that neutralize free radicals and are believed to help fight aging and many diseases.

Dr.Chef Quinoa antioxident

Has a Low Glycemic Index, Which is Good for Blood Sugar Control

Dr Chef products controls blood sugar levels which is linked many of the common, chronic, Western diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases

Dr.Chef Quinoa glycem

Contains the Plant Compounds Quercetin and Kaempferol

Dr Chef Products contains large amounts of flavonoids, including quercetin and kaempferol. These are potent plant antioxidants with numerous health benefits such as reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Dr.Chef Quinoa Reduce Fat

High in Important Minerals Like Iron and Magnesium

Dr Chef products provide important minerals to regulate energy production, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation.

Dr.Chef Quinoa High Minerals

May Help You Lose Weight

Dr Chef Products can increase metabolism and reduce appetite significantly due to high amount of fiber may increase feelings of fullness, making you eat fewer calories overall.

Dr.Chef Quinoa Weight lose